Editor’s letter – Facing the Stigma


Mental health is still a stigma in society- but should it be?!

We live in a 21st century, where people are still ashamed or afraid to speak out loud about mental health difficulties they are facing.

Difficulties that prevent them from functioning normally, while living a life shadowed by fear, and controlled by their worst thoughts.

But only because it is “in the head” we “like” to think that the problem is not real, it doesn’t exist. Where to search for help? They will think I’m crazy… Am I crazy? What is going on? Why don’t I want to live? What kind of thought was that?

People talk openly and seek for help when they have a headache, a cold, virus, bacteria… but why are people ashamed to talk about their mental health difficulties when it hurts as bad, if not even worse?

Sometimes, others underrate your pain only by saying “it’s all in your head.”

Yes, it is! It is in the head, and that doesn’t make it any easier. That doesn’t mean it’s not real.

So when you are struggling with your mental health – SAY IT OUT LOUD. And let’s get rid of the stigma together.

This aims to be a website that is going to provide informative and informational content and therefore educate people and fight against stigma.

Therefore; “Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.”